Gold USMLE Step2CS Workshop-Houston

  Gold USMLE step2CS WORKSHOP Houston-Every Gold USMLECS workshop will contain at least 1-3 mock exams We are located at 416 North Sam Houston Pkwy East, Houston TX 77060 Each review will consist of our very own Excellent Talented Standardized Patient Actors with clinical teaching review of each case. We will cover several cases over the review, with intensive patient note training and feedback(You will not receive this amount of cases with other reviews).

New York Gold CS Workshop

In New York, every GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop will contain at least 1-3 mock exams. We are located at 71 South Central Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11580. Each review will consist of our very own Excellent Talented Standardized Patient Actors with clinical teaching review of each case. We will cover several cases over the review, with intensive patient note training and feedback

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  • IMPORTANT: All payments in the form of checks must be received absolutely no later than 7 days prior to your first registered day of the workshop. If we do not receive your check by this date, we will be forced to give your spot to another applicant.

A verified testimonial from Dr Julian Tokarev,  Minnesota

–A verified testimonial from Dr Robert Vangossen, Alabama


Welcome to Gold USMLE Review

With over 6 years of excellence we here at GoldUSMLE Review we will do our best to help IMGs and AMGs excel on their upcoming USMLE examinations and eventually secure a residency position. In addition to the Gold USMLE step 2 CS workshop we also offer Mock Residency Interview sessions with Personal Statement editing.

Our 3 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop will be only $799 discounted from $1399. – LIMITED TIME OFFER! We also offer EXTRA EXAMS IN THE  5 Day Course at very low prices. If you attend a 2 or 3 day CS workshop you will have the option of extending your CS workshop by staying for additional mock exams on Monday or Tuesday. Our workshop focuses on preparing students to score high performance on their upcoming USMLE Step2CS examination. By aiming high we will ensure you pass. More discounts are available upon request. You will encounter several patient scenarios ,PHYSICAL EXAMINATION TABLES, with FULL CS equipment (fundoscopes, otoscopes, reflex hammers, tuning forks, pt gowns w/SPs, drapes, clipboards, etc).

***EVERY GOLDUSMLE STEP2 cs workshop will consist of at least 1-2 Simulated 12 case Mock Exam. Please make your payment below and fill out the Registration Form above, we will attach your registration to your payment receipt and you will be sent a Econfirmation email with your receipt.


A) 1 Day Mock Exam GoldUSMLE Simulated Exam*********************

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B) 2 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop******************

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(1 day intensive training+1- mock 12 case exam)

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C) 3 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop*******************

(2 days intensive training + 1 Mock 12 case exam)

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D) 4 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop******************

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 E) 5 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop*********************   Now discounted to only $1699 

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“I got my high performance passing results Feb 4 2015, Gold CS review has been phenomenal in shaping my approach towards the CS exam and eventually in clearing it. I took the course about 3 weeks before my exam and I could properly assess my shortcomings and improve on the weaker areas. The course is intensive and prepares you for all the components of the exam in a rigorous manner. The H & P preparation was extensive, precise and highly effective. The feedback I received from the SPs helped me figure out the pitfalls in my preparation and the mistakes to avoid. They were excellent in removing my apprehension of the standard exam expectations, particularly as I’m an IMG. The mock exam at the end of the course is an exact depiction of the real exam and a barometer of the actual exam performance. In a nutshell this is a must do course for those who want to pass and do well on the exam and I highly recommend it. Thank you Gold CS review for everything.”

— Dr. Mohammed Ismail, MD Bangladesh

Additional Testimonials

Testimonial by Dr Bing Gong, MD, Beijing, China-

“Thank you so much GoldUSMLE Review! I just passed the CS at February 5th 2014.. Without this course, I wouldn’t pass it. I took the three-day class at early October last year in New York, and took the exam at early November. I am the oldest guy in that group with thick accent. I could remember most important part of the courses by taking the notes and practice with classmates from the goldusmlereview. Nearly three-month anxiously waiting, finally I passed with high performance in both ICE and CIS, the SEP touched the borderline, but safe enough to pass. I think for me the most helpful parts are how to do the focused physical exam and how to write the support evidences for the diagnosis. That saved crucial time for me to be able to pay more attention for the spoken English and in most cases, I have 1-2 minutes left before the end of 15 min encounter, so that I have extra 1-2 min to allocate to the PN. Very nice course and low cost. I strongly recommend It!”

Dr. Bing Gong, MD Beijing, China


Verified Video Testimonial by Dr Alexander Sweidan, MD

“This course was very thorough and complete, I’ve attended other courses that were more expensive, I would have to say that this course is very affordable and covers more material than the other courses. I was very satisfied with the depth of knowledge of the doctors working for GoldUSMLE, I felt very prepared  for my exam and I was at the end of my eligibility period, this course saved my chances at residency and helped me match.”

- -Dr Alexander Sweidan, MD


-Verified Video Testimonial -Dr. Abdallah Alzaabi, MD

“The course was very complete, very affordable and perfect for both IMGs and AMGs, the doctor teaching the course is very strong and committed to helping each individual pass. This is a very good course for IMGs since we don’t fully understand the proper technique that is required on this new exam. After taking this course, I was able to cover all the physical exams, body systems and chief complaints. I felt very good after the mock exam and the standardized patient actors were excellent.”

Dr Abdallah Alzaabi, MD

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Top Gold USMLE Review Step 2 CS Workshop Performer with most cumulative points will earn the GoldStep2Prep Gold Stethoscope™


The Top Performer with a Perfect Score will also receive a GOLD Apple iPhone 6 64GB.


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